Programma Accademico Prolo 2018

11 maggio 2017

European School of Prolotherapy

Academic Prolotherapy Program 2018 Theory and Pratical Workshops in Prolotherapy in Ferrara, Italy

  • Upper Extremity -February 10th-11th

  • Lower Extremity – April 7th-8th

  • Spine – September 22nd-23rd

All physicians that are interested in this 2018

educational program, must apply and contact Ruggero Cavallino, to recieve an application form for the limited spots we have for year 2018.

All physcians will have the possibility to go and achieve professional training in Greece in June, 2019 after obtaining successful results in all three course during 2018.

All courses will be held in ENGLISH at “Hotel Ferrara”

Prolotherapy Greek Mission

June 02nd -8th, 2018 for all the physicians that have completed their prolotherapy academic full course.

Dr. Stephen Cavallino M.D.

Regenerative Medicine and Pain Managment

Educational Director of Prolotherapy and Neural Prolotherapy 

Director of European School of Prolotherapy,