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October 2017


High Dosage of Vitamins D3


After two years of experience with NATURAL CHEMIOTHERAPY I can make the first considerations of some importance.
The most important point that has emerged reviewing the cases of tumors that have stabilized, have regressed and in some cases are even healed is that all of these cases had widely pierced the roof of 100 ng / ml for vitamin D.

The improvements, stabilization and some healings we have when it comes vitamin D to 200 ng / ml and very often exceeds, often reaching a height of 200 ng / ml or more.
These values have always obtained by them assume 300,000 IU of vitamin D3 per week, continuously, generally it stabilizes at 200-250 ng / ml share, in a case of 450 ng / ml. 

In all these cases, I have always controlled serum calcium (not the PTH I do not care), and calcium has always remained normal. Even high vitamin D values ​​sometimes drop below 9 mg / dl (perfectly normal, in only one case I saw the value of 11.2 mg / dl (non-hazardous). This means that the intermediate form of vitamin D is crucial more than any other chemotherapeutic or natural remedy, I mean that the 25-OH cholecalciferol must have a decisive role in the treatment of tumors.

Probably acts even more of the terminal form (calcitriol or 1-25-OH-cholecalciferol ) which must remain virtually constant if the serum calcium remains normal. I mean, even with the high values of the intermediate form the terminal shape remains constant. I believe that the terminal shape rather than on receptors act especially on the transport of calcium in the bones, and maintaining constant calcium at the blood level. What regulates the transformation of the intermediate form into terminal form is the PTH that drops drastically if the value of the form the intermediate gets up. It’s likely to be the intermediate form that G acts on receptors of 20-OH-colecalcoferolo much higher than those indicated in the therapeutic range. We therefore report, with these consideration, that Dr. Coimbra’s Protocol for Multiple Sclerosis. 

High doses of 25-OH-cholecalciferol act to heal Multiple Sclerosis exactly how they function in healing tumors. And why Dr. Ciombra uses the simple cholecalciferol to treat Multiple Sclerosis and not the terminal shape or calcitriol; simply because calcitriol in Multiple Sclerosis does absolutely nothing. The Cholecalciferol (sun hormone) instead turns in the intermediate form or calcidiol which is what acts. Moreover, the terminal form (Calcitriol) that exists in certain pharmaceuticals has a very short half-life (5 hours), produces hypercalcemia and it would be very dangerous to use it at high doses, while the initial form or COLECALCIFEROL is an absolutely quiet hormone. Wherefore, I, have given the results and making a case summaries say “success” I started using 300,000 IU per week (there are 42,857 IU daily) of Basic Operation (it’s a dose of Coimbra) + 1 vial of Adisterolo 100,000 are 100,000 Vitamin A IU + 20,000 IU of vitamin D (per week) and continuously, without ever quitting. So rest assured that serum calcium levels remained within the limits and vitamin D for how much you take it will not go above the value of 200-300 ng / ml (in an exceptional case I got the value of 450 ng / ml but with normal serum calcium,  however a good thing, as Dr. Coimbra says, when you take such high doses of vitamin D drink plenty of water, at least 1.5-2 liters a day, in case hypercalcemia is manifested, although this is extremely rare, but it is better to preserve it. I have never seen any kidney problems, creatinine has always kept normal, it has never even increased by 1/10 point. Then to this overdose of vitamin D I associated some things that I considered important such as MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE and N- acetylcysteine although the fundamental fact of the therapy remains vitamin D.
Therefore summarizing:

– Basic Operation 300,000 IU per week on an ongoing basis

– Adisterolo 100,000 IU per week on an ongoing basis

– Magnesium chloride – 2 teaspoons (6 grams) per day dissolved in much more water on a continuous basis

-N- acetylcysteine 2 sachets of 300 mg per day

– Selenium 200mg /day – Selenium has a powerful anti-cancer activity

– Vitamine C (ASCORBIC ACID) in powder; 3-5 teaspoons of coffee per day loose in fruit juice

Rosemary Extract – mother tincture: 30 drops three times a day, better during meals

Among the medicinal plants I also recommend CURCUMA which has shown in many studies that it possesses an effective anti-tumor activity. I recommend CURCUMA mixed with pure alcohol extracting curcumin. But with turmeric need to be cautious, because taken in high doses (3 teaspoons per day) lowers cholesterol dramatically, even well below 100 mg / dl cholesterol and a low value does not fit in tumors.
Contrary to any opinion, cholesterol is an anticancer and it would be indispensable for its value to remain around 300 mg / dl. Do not worry, it does not involve any atheroma risk. A poor diet of essential amino acids (Nacci Protocol) is difficult to implement, so I completely abandoned it. A poor diet of meat and dairy products is, however, advisable, although not decisive, so I prefer not to be stiff on the diet.


Interview with Dr. Leonardo Rubini M.D.
to the Dr. Cicero G, Coimbra M.D.
San Paulo, Brazil
March 8, 2014