• AMBULATORI: Carpi(MO) - Ferrara - Roma - Napoli - Udine

The Italian Association of Prolotherapy with the help of the Greek Prolotherapy Association achieve its humanity Mission with success treating the Greek population this year in June 2017.

The European School of Prolotherapy with over 25 International physicians successfully treated over 400 patient in a small city called Anogia, in Crete, Greece between June 04-10, 2017.

The International group of clinical instructors coming from all over the world came to teach new doctors learning prolotherapy and at the same time they were treating the local population for chronic muscle-skeletal disorders and chronic pain.

This 2° International Educational Mission in Greece, was successful, with thanks to the Greek Prolotherapy organization in association with the City Mayor of Anogia, Crete.

The European School of Prolotherapy is expanding this volontary humanity mission to other European countries with the help of many doctors willing to help on a volontary basis. This means that these doctors come and participate to treat and teach others at their own expenses, leaving their medical profession and to dedicate much time to those who are suffering making them well again.

I am proud to say that we are able to make this project a useful way to helf other that are suffering from many pain disorders. I do believe that our goal is growing as we “inject love around the world”

Dr. Stephen Cavallino M.D.

Medicina Rigenerativa and Pain Management

Educational Director of Prolotherapy and Neural Prolotherapy 

Director of  the European School of Prolotherapy 



European School of Prolotherapy