• AMBULATORI: Carpi(MO) - Ferrara - Roma - Napoli - Udine

The patient is first evaluated as interview by the doctor, where the patient is carefully examined and evaluated including review of all diagnostical data including x-rays. The patient will be thoroughly informed and illustrated what and how “prolotherapy” works in regards to the clinical situation of the patient. Finally the patient is visited by the doctor and to inform the patient on the best strategy to solve his or her health problem.

If I do prolotherapy, what should I expect in the following days?

A few hours after infiltration with prolotherapy, the anesthetic effect it wears off and the patient may experience a dull or local pain that may continue for a few days (inflammatory phase – lasting a week or so).

If I so much pain can I take an aspirin?

Who performs Prolotherapy will strictly instructed you to NOT take anti-inflammatory drugs including aspirin (aspirin, Voltaren, Brufen, Aulin, Moment, painkillers, etc.) during the period of 2-3 weeks. In case of pain analgesics medicine are recommended (Tylenol, Tramadol, etc.).

If I do feel very sick in the following days after prolotherapy, what should I do?

Contact your prolotherapy doctor.